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solar ( The Sun ) continuously Give us energy sources. but before 1939, we just think it to use magically . and dream comes true.In 1839 , The photovoltaic effect was experimentally demonstrated first by French physicist Edmond Becquerel.  Willoughby Smith was found “Effect of Light on Selenium during the passage of an Electric Current” in a 20 February 1873.  and the history is going on.

Research and Development 


From 1939 to till now, lot of people work on it, try to research and develop,  try to efficient as more as it can , many problem are try to bound the flow. but!!!


Finally In 2015

Short View of Angira

Project Completed

Number Of Panel

Total Production (W)

Creator Behind Angira

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Core Features

Highest Quality Cells

Compared to a Conventional Panel,  Angira Solar Panel Has 30% More Life Time

Powerful Power Bank

Hi-tech Battery Bank For More Power Reserve

More Efficient Solar Cells

It’s a Really Big Deal That 70% More Efficiency From Others Panel

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